Wedding Photography Prices

Wedding Photography Price

Wedding Photography Price

I keep all my wedding photography prices transparent so you know what you get and
there are no sneaky hidden costs. Everything is as simple and fuss free as possible.

My wedding photography price is £1350 for the whole day. That includes everything from
the initial meetings, the photography on the day, the editing and the photos supplied
in a custom USB box.

From 2018 onwards, I will be living in Australia. I’m still prepared to travel to the UK for weddings but I will be including the cost of flights. (generally £1000ish)
I’m very sorry for the inconvenience as I phase out my work in the UK. 


Before the day I like to meet up over a beer or coffee. It’s a great chance for me to get a feel for who you are and how we’ll get along. You can tell me all about your wedding and all the ideas you might have. After this I research the venues in preparation. In the weeks leading up to the day, I go and have a look around to ensure everything on the day runs as smooth as possible.


On the morning of your wedding, I ease into the photography. I start by capturing the scene and any little details, ensuring everyone feels comfortable with me around. From there I just go with the flow of the day, documenting everything as it happens. I become more like a guest, chatting and fitting in so I can get more relaxed and unobtrusive photos of everyone smiling and having fun. This is how I get the natural wedding photography style that i’m known for. I’m happy to arrive as early as needed in the morning. In the evening I stay to photograph the drunken dancing.. It’s the best bit after all! I usually call it a day around 10.30-11pm but later if there are still great photos to take.


After your wedding, I get the photos edited and sent out as soon as I can.  You can expect your photos on USB stick within 2 weeks of your wedding day. On the USB will be all the photography from the day edited into both colour and black and white versions so you have the choice. The photos are yours to print and share as you wish. You can expect around 800 professionally edited images from the day.